Dr. Veena is a medical doctor and researcher driven to find evidence-based solutions to challenges faced by vulnerable populations.

Since graduating from University of Adelaide in 2007, Dr. Veena has worked clinically in several countries such as Singapore, New Zealand, Australia and Peninsular and East Malaysia. Throughout her clinical service in these countries, Dr. Veena’s passion was in service to the vulnerable and marginalized communities within the larger population. From a doctors’ vantage point, it was clear that the only thing that made a sustainable impact in these communities were good public health research and interventions.

Dr. Veena’s drive to be well versed in humanitarian response and assistance led her to complete the European Master of Disaster Medicine in 2013. Since then, Dr.Veena has worked in NGOs in conjuction with the government, to conduct research studies in the

areas of Refugee Health, HIV/AIDS, Prison health and Disaster medicine. Some of these projects are showcased on the blog page.

Dr. Veena’s public health knowledge, research, medical, communication and networking skills, combined with her extensive grassroots experience form a unique skillset, one that is very useful to work with vulnerable communities in Malaysia and the region.

Although Disaster Medicine, Refugee Health, HIV/AIDS and Prison Health are areas of Specialty for Dr. Veena, she is keen and excited to work in any capacity and field that improves the lives of those in vulnerable populations.

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